Monday, November 21, 2011

Planet Linux Caffe is now open !!!!!!!

Hi guys,
Planet Linux Caffe is now open to anyone that love technology, open source software. Welcome all open source community, Linux users, BSD users, Android users and Unix users. Our place is excellent to make meetings (business or open source communities). Two big Google TV for web conferences, webinar and technological webcast. We have a lot of magazines and books to read in our place and three computers running open source OS like Linux and BSD. Hundred of free applications.... conferences about open source technology. Welcome open source community, we have a great place to make conferences and fest install. We are committed with all open source technology, supporting Linux, BSD and Android. Everyone can come to our place to get information about free operating system and application. If you are looking for good information about free software, Planet Linux Caffe is the right place to get it. Also you can drink an excellent italy style coffee, organic teas, sodas and of course sandwiches, empanadas, pies and dessert. All our food are home made. Planet Linux Caffe wants to be a new  "agora"  about technology, digital art, and business tools. Also, if you like to chill with computers and Google smart TV, Planet Linux Caffe is the right place... Free high speed internet and an excellent space to work and study.
Well, we hope you can visit us as soon as you can...
Have Fun

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